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12 Things I love about “Everything, Everything” by Nicola Yoon


Everything, Everything

Author: Nicola Yoon

Publication Date: September 01, 2015

Publisher:ย Delacorte Books for Young Readers

Pages: 310 pages

My rating: 5/5

“Olly and Maddy, sitting on a tree. K-I-S-S-I-N-G.”
Okay, forgive me. It’s for the feels.

This is an extremely laudable book that needs to resound all throughout the universe. Five of five stars, people.

Well, I really want to post this semi-decent review that I have for ‘Everything, Everything’ in my public social media accounts specifically Goodreads, but I decided not to. Apparently, I don’t want to mess up other people’s reading experience if ever they bump into this review, so I’m keeping this a secret review that will only be posted on my blog/ WordPress, so I’ll still be able to vent out my praises to the book because in all honesty, I can’t suppress my feelings anymore. I want to tell the world every good things I know and found to love about the book. So here it goes. The 12 things I love about ‘Everything, Everything’:

1. The book cover a.k.a the jacket art by Good Wives and Warriors is adorable. The first time I saw it, I felt the need to touch it because it’s really enchanting and different. It’s as if an adult coloring book was brought to life! (I love coloring books!);

2.The main character, Madeline Whittier loves books.
I love books that have characters that love books. Like, you got a friend that reads and you both share the books you’ve read with each other and bam! Healthy exchange of book perceptions. And Maddy is pretty awesome on setting up the right mood for each book she mentions;

3. Few characters. I love that the book was written with few characters. Sometimes, you just put enough characters that can actually support the plot. It gives the reader distinct focus, breaking down complexities. Sorry, Am I that bad if I’ll say that I am not a sucker for books with too many characters that doesn’t have character development at all? Okay, that’s a personal one, but don’t get me wrong. I have a lot of favorite books with tons of characters. Really depends on the development and their importance to the story;

4. I love that the book is medically based and yet the author explained essential details concerning Maddy’s condition very well. I am deeply thankful that the book explains SCID in a simple manner that readers with little idea about it can understand;

5. It’s a fast-paced book. No dull moments. Sequence of events dart towards their own specific momentum;

6. Straightforward. The book isn’t wasting time delaying story’s turning points. Scenarios are straightforward, clear and intended to let the readers understand;

7. I love Olly! He looks tough and invincible but he’s a kind-hearted man who vows to protect the people he cares. Also, I love that he loves parkour. Man! I would give everything to someone who loves parkour the same way that I do. And a math prodigy with a muscle to flaunt?! Allow me to drool please. Haha;

8. There are cutesy, little illustrations inside the book. It gives accent to the book by emphasizing certain situations, points, materials or emotions. It is so creative for it allows the readers to objectify their imaginations. And what could have been sweeter than the fact that those inside illustrations were made by Nicola Yoon’s husband, David Yoon. Aww!

9. Characters are honest about their feelings. Except for Paula Whittier who is Maddy’s mom. She’s a liar. But I love their (Olly and Maddy) honesty. Maddy being able and certain about her feelings toward Olly and Olly being open to her about his feelings without having the need to lie. It’s beautiful.

10. Maddy’s witty and unfiltered side comments or opinions. This is the thing I love about her, a machine of wise rebuttals and funny side comments. Whenever they’re IMing and talking about philosophical stuffs, I love how she manages to return Olly’s wise words.

“Heโ€™s wearing a close-fitting black T-shirt, black shorts, and black sandals. The angel of death on vacation.”
See? That’s her making the best compliment ever. Haha!

11. This book is oozing with morals. It is impossible to get away from the book without learning about life, forgiveness, the value of honesty, loving and caring for the people you put above all, taking chances, living the life you intended to have. Family and Love;

12. The book is a shocker! Just when you thought that the plot revolves around the girl, facing the burden of her queer condition unable to live her life to the fullest. Falling in love, breaking the rules, the price of breaking the rules, someone almost dying, comes the shocker no one may have thought will occur.

! S P O I L E R A L E R T !

Maddy is not sick. She never had SCID. Basically, her mom couldn’t take the death of her husband and son. Suffers in a nervous breakdown and becomes so obsessed of taking care of the only person left in her who is Maddy. Maddy’s life as a sick person is nothing but a lie!

Okay, breathe.


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