About Me

Trapped in the state of oddity and currently living in my own world.

I randomly post book reviews and stuffs I find interesting. I like to blurb a lot, especially if it’s about something I love. So, if you guys wanna check out my fangirl-mode on, you can always stay on this page and be my wonderful guest.

Disclaimer: Blog under construction, most of the time.

Hello, lovelies!1

That awkward face out there *points to the attached photo* is actually me – the creator/administrator of this blog since June 05, 2015. I run this blog under the name finderskeeperslosers which was inspired by a line I’ve read from a certain book I absent-mindedly picked in a bookstore. 🙂 Now that I’ve written the brief history of my moniker, I feel like a jerk for not knowing the title of that book. *jumps in a box of shame*

Anyway! If you’re here reading my about me page, I would like to send flying hearts and kisses to you for being interested in my blog. I guess, it’s my cue to introduce myself.

Seven (7) things you may/may not like about me. (I accept criticisms constructively)

1. My name’s Jessa Castillo, 20 years old and a third year student taking BA Communication Research in University of the Philippines Diliman. I love writing that’s why I purposely dived in to this program offered by our university. I know I should be taking courses like, Creative Writing or Literature like the norm for geek peeps, but those type of writing programs were never for me. Haha, I mean I love writing, but I prefer academic writing. Oh, and Journalism of course.

2. I love books as much as I love breathing. Haha, you can also consider me as a random reader. I love fantasy/adventure books, YA (fight me if you find it ridiculous; stop being literary snobs, people!) new adult and diverse books. Okay, I read whatever book I find interesting at the moment. Regardless whether that book is really old or newly released.

3. I’m a fast reader. I read really fast that I was able to finish the Throne of Glass Series and A Court of Thorns and Roses Series by Sarah J. Maas within two months. That’s for my personal record. Haha, some people will definitely find it slow.

4. I have four dogs and one cat. I love having pets, they give warm cuddle (comforting cuddles too after reading emotionally-crippling books) Two of them are Jack Russell Terriers namely Milo and Ging; a black labrador named Moli; a cat named Yang-Yang and my favorite Aspin named Brown!

5. If I’m not reading a book, you’ll definitely find me binge-watching. I love movies, television series, anime and documentaries. I’m also a channel surfer. I know that’s weird but I’m a great-watch seeker. Rami Malek is my boi.

6. I love typography and hand-lettering. Can you believe that? I have an artsy side. Haha! I have that hobby ever since I was kid and now that many people are actually pioneering for that, I have more reasons to enjoy it. Shout out to my idol, Abbey Sy!

7. I have a music for every feelings I have. I love listening to All Time Low, Panic! At The Disco, Pop Songs, Disney Soundtracks, Movie Soundtracks, Broadway Musical Songs, Kendrick Lamar ghad, I have a list, to be honest. Like, If you would visit my Spotify or iTunes account you shall find my playlists, sometimes compiled for my current read. Try it guys, it’s fun.

That’s it, folks! I hope I was able to give a gist of myself as a person and as a reader. If you wanna know more about me, feel free to contact me in my email, finderskeeperslosers@gmail.com or you can also follow me through my social media accounts. Links are located on my homepage at the upper right corner.

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