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Mini-review for Marie Lu’s, “The Rose Society.”

“Someday, when I am nothing but dust and wind, what tale will they tell about me?

Once upon a time, a girl had a father, a prince, a society of friends. Then they betrayed her, and she destroyed them all.”

This quote best describes the first two books of the Young Elites triloy and I’m gonna write a semi-informal and short review for it. Much like a blurb. 

The Rose Society is a story that clears and divides. With its reasons for compelling plot and character complications, I can’t help but root for someone I believe should be appreciated more. It’s heartbreaking because pain is inevitable. May it be because of Magiano, Teren, Enzo, Gemma, Raffaele, Maeve, Violetta, Sergio or Adelina, regardless of their triumph or failure it is still saddening because every one has to feel pain. 

Our girl, our little wolf, mi Adelinitta. You are a wreck of a character but I still love you. 

To Marie Lu, thank you for letting me believe in the power of dystopian fantasy once again. I can’t remember when was the last time I’ve read such genre.


Twilight Eyes by Dean Koontz (First Book Review)

Title: Twilight Eyes
Author: Dean Koontz
Publication Date: First published 1984
Paperback edition published November 02, 2010
Pages: 416
My Rating: 5/5

I always believe that a book, for it to be considered as laudable should be composed of a completely original and extraordinary plot. Also, part of the book’s originality is the capability of the author to put in labels or specificity that emphasizes the era when it was first published or brought about. Somehow, it gives identity to the book making it out of the box.

Dean Koontz successfully coiled these components in a remarkable and thought-provoking book – Twilight Eyes.

I actually don’t know the genre of this book. Suspense-Thriller, part coming-of-age, philosophical, Sci-Fi or YA. Apparently, the tags suggest that Twilight Eyes falls to any of it. Imagine, that’s how diverse this book is!

The book was set in a time frame far from the present year (2016) and yet it appeals, and greatly affects the readers from the year it was first published and beyond.

Twilight Eyes is an exceptional book of hope, despair, defeat, triumph, good, evil, failure, success and camaraderie. It encompasses the common virtues of the man and perpetually gushes out the heroic values and virtues every man should have.

It’s moving, inspirational but it doesn’t leave the horror of threat the world out there is facing. Not the most ideal for heroic situations, sickening in fact but the realism it shows allows the readers to be involved. Somehow, the book (more like, Slim Mackenzie) got me. I was never into books like this not until I’ve read Twilight Eyes and I’m so proud to tell the world that this book broke the curse. It is a must read for everyone for a fact that it was greatly crafted and interesting. It deserves spotlight as much as mainstream books have.

Dean Koontz created monsters also known as Goblins in a most hateful and gruesome form and set those creatures into characters that walk with us. The mere idea that monsters can be anyone and is feeding on our sufferings for sustenance added the fact that only few people (mostly those who have Twilight Eyes) can differentiate one Goblin from a human is a torture yet it’s the very reason why the book is insanely interesting.

He made an incredible mixture of mundane-heroism and power-based heroism all in a fairly odd band. Slim MacKenzie, Rya Raines, Joel Tuck and the rest of the carnies made an exceptional quest that vows to help the humanity although the world has been cruel to them.

There’s no such thing as genuine love for humanity. We are all thriving for survival and none of us see the impending doom that will befall unto us. We live without the fear of dying soon and as I see it, the Goblins don’t need to use much effort (sorcery, science or cult stuff) to erase us. Man-made disasters are achievable and sometimes, we ourselves may also be a Goblin. We pose threat to each other, that’s pretty evident from the book. It’s in our hands whether we’re going to live our lives in service and appreciation of the people or we’re going to continue our way up the hierarchy.

“There’s more decency in the world than cruelty.”

The world is beautiful. May we appreciate it the way Slim and Rya did.

Hello, blogging world!


Hello, blogging world!

When you had a chance, take it. That may be a gateway for more or a finish line from, “Start Here”. Either way, at least you tried. Well, that’s probably the reason why I’m currently slamming my fingers to these keys – to digitalize my inner thoughts willingly for the first time.

I was never a fan of reading blogs, or simply essays (sort of having similarities) because, 1. It’s time consuming; and 2. It’s not my thing. Honestly, I’m a big fan of fiction so blogs and other non-fiction stuffs doesn’t appeal to me that much the way it appeals to other people. I mean, I’m after the story and queer plots, really. However, I’m not dismissing the idea of immersing myself to blogging, with bloggers or simply of blogs.

Recently, a friend posted an online giveaway that requires blog reading (and commenting, of course) and promotion of fellow bloggers. I, having this automatic need to join book giveaways made me want to jump to the blogger and give her the most breath-taking hug ever. Let’s say for me, she’s an angel sent from above and that would mean that I should abide by her rules and finally read few blog posts for me to win. Maybe it’s time to get myself out of my comfort zone.

So, the first blog I’ve read is about a book. (Book review ‘err body!) And the way it was written and how artfully articulated her thoughts about it clicked a portion in my heart. It’s as if her words are destined to encourage me to read everything she’s featuring.

After reading one, I desperately want to make my own book review/blog without knowing whether it’s possible or not. She inspired me to embark on a journey that I, myself would thankfully lead my real self.

I have fears. Biggest what if’s for I’m a novice. I’m afraid my works will simply be a product of crap – no content, dull and uninteresting. But, I know for a fact that someone else’s fear of failure should not hinder his/ her to try. Yes, I fear comparisons and miserable failures as I lack confidence. And it is us, which puts borderline between our inner circle and the diverse world outside. We always have choices. Unfortunately, we often choose the safest one. Now, I’m taking risks (not that writing blog is risky and dangerous) but because it’s a new experience and for me it’s fearsome. The commitment to write and update; the strive for perfection and all the things that matter for every blogger gives pressure to me. It occurs to me that every great blogger comes from scratches. I’m on my way to scratches so, who knows?

My Mathematics professor once told me that what I don’t know won’t hurt me so, I should not be afraid to take chances. Probability people! And I’m taking my chance to write blogs. 🙂

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